There is No Room for EGO in the Motorcycle Rights Movement

There is no room for ego in the motorcycle rights movement. In a community full of alpha male personalities this makes things difficult. But every one of us learned what we know from somewhere and most likely from someone. And what we all know, even if we seem to forget, is that successful grassroots people-powered movements are the result of an entire community’s efforts. I understand this reality firsthand.  I am a Spokesperson for numerous motorcycle rights groups and therefore I am more visible than many. But the fact remains, every amount of success I may have achieved has only been possible because of the hundreds of unified bikers always standing with me.  The Washington State Confederation of Clubs and ABATE have always stood with me and trusted me to represent the voice of our movement. I humbly recognize this reality and will never take it for granted. Click here

Biker Bar Targeted for Closure – Owner Talks to Media, Authorities Silent


Following a recent MPP article exposing the state liquor control agency targeting JD’s Tap House in western Pennsylvania, the local news media followed up on the story of this biker bar targeted for closure. In response to evidenced claims of motorcycle profiling and selective enforcement advanced by the ownership to Erie News Now, Liquor Control Enforcement and Township Supervisors had no response and remain silent. They say silence speaks volumes. The LCE is clearly infringing on the owners fundamental right to pursue an occupation in violation of the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. Read More…

Using Jury Nullification to Fight Unjust Laws


Jury nullification is the option to vote Not Guilty if a juror believes that a law is immoral or wrongly applied to a defendant, even if they believe the law has technically been broken.  Jurors have historically used nullification to send messages about unjust laws or harassing and abusive prosecutions. Obviously, judges and prosecutors often object to individuals informing jurors of their right to conscientiously acquit and have even attempted to prosecute individuals for jury tampering. But the 1st Amendment has prevailed. Read More…

Pennsylvania Township Threatens Bar Owner


Police in a small Pennsylvania Township are targeting and harassing a local self-proclaimed biker bar. The owner claims to have been threatened directly and State Police Liquor Control Enforcement (LCE) is attempting to shut down the establishment. State agency discrimination against the motorcycle community is constitutionally prohibited. Selective enforcement of ordinances as a pretext to “shut the place down” based on discriminatory beliefs about motorcyclists is an injustice that demands a remedy. Read More…